Make Your Choice! Manual, Automatic Or Robotic Pool Cleaner?

If you own a swimming pool in your home or commercial complex, you will surely be aware of the difficulties in maintaining it. Making the pool crystal clean with sky blue waters is easier said than done. Cleaning a pool can be a difficult job, and you might end up paying labor charges to clean the pool on a regular basis more than the cost of the pool itself. But, a swimming pool is also one of the best additions a home could ever have as swimming is considered as one of the best exercises. click here to know more about the health benefits of swimming

Coming back to the pool cleaning issues, there are mainly three types of pool cleaners available in the market. They are manual cleaners, automatic and robotic pool cleaners. Now, the question is how to choose the one that suits your pool. It is better to first understand the particularities of these three types of pool cleaners so that you can make a better decision.

Manual Cleaners
If you are budget oriented, then manual cleaners might be your best option. These are low-cost pool cleaners can be used to clean pools effectively. The major downside is that it consumes a lot of time! It is almost like you cleaning the pool yourself. You have to invest your time and energy to the task. Most probably you will have to appoint a person to clean the pool using manual cleaner. Hence, it doesn’t serve the purpose of making the work easy for you. It does not have any self-cleaning mechanism, and hence you will have to do that also yourself. The cleaner consists of a tele pole with a vacuum head attached to the end. You can hold the other end and direct the pole to the areas to be cleaned.

Automatic Cleaners
Automatic pool cleaners help you to clean the pool without many manual efforts. It is also more convenient to use. You need not vacuum, skim or brush the pool manually as the automatic pool cleaners will do the job for you. But still, you have to lift up the device into the pool so that it can begin the cleaning operation. Automatic cleaners are 2 types, suction-side cleaners, and pressure-side cleaners.

Robotic Cleaners
If you are someone who gives more preference to comfort and ease of work more than anything else, then robotic pool cleaners are the one for you. With robotic pool cleaners, you need not worry about pool cleaning at all! Just grab your sunglasses, sip a glass of chilled lemonade and get the best suntan as the robotic cleaner does the work for you in the meantime. Robotic pool cleaners are far better than the advanced cleaners. If you have even used a robotic cleaner once, you won’t go back to automatic cleaners for sure. It requires less time and less attention. Still, it makes your pool spick and spans far better than any automatic cleaner. It offers you an excellent value for money as it is extremely efficient and durable.

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